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Logistics relates to the distribution of goods and services from supplier to customer, over a broad range of industries. Logistics courses are often taken by those wanting to work in product placement and goods distribution. Certification, diploma and degree program options are available through study options that include online, distance learning, and classroom education.

Logistics courses explore such topics as product distribution, transportation management, supply chain, inventory control, and customer service. Professionals pursuing logistics courses often work in freight and goods, warehouse distribution, transportation management, store management, product creation and other goods and services related careers. Additionally, due to the increased flow of goods and products globally, many logistics courses are now incorporating business methodologies and international marketing aspects into their courses.

Qualification +2 / Any Degree
Certifications IAAP
Certifications (O) MS Excel, QuickBooks, Tally
Training On Accounts, Finance, HR, Administration, Banking
Organisations Like Pvt Ltd Companies, Technopark & Infopark Companies, Banks
Duration 5 months

Our certified proffessionals are hired in companies like